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Can You Hear Me Now? We all know that kid who has his headphones in his ears walking around or that girl who has her cell phone glued to her hand. My sister, Reagan, is notorious for this. Every time I see her, she is texting or scrolling through social media apps on her cell phone; it’s a constant trend. She’s always on her phone at the most inconvenient times. One day I was in the kitchen fixing myself lunch when she texted me and asked if I could take her to the store. I replied, “Sure, where are you?” She responded by saying, “in my bedroom.” It shocked me knowing she was only a room away couldn’t get up to come talk to me face-to-face. Today’s generation is becoming so addicted to technology that it’s youth spends 8.08 hours a day using some form of technology not including school work. Almost every young person has a cell phone and social media apps on it today. Studies show that teens who are connected to their cell phones show symptoms of addiction such as, depression, stress, restlessness, and anxiety.…show more content…
Body image, clothing, personality, etc, are all reasons young men and women are depressed or insecure. Instagram is the perfect example. Girls and guys scroll through pictures and ask themselves, “Why can’t I rock those shoes? Why can’t I be that thin? Or why isn’t my skin that flawless?” According to the article, “Girl Self-Esteem & Image Issues & Parents”, sixty two percent of girls are insecure about themselves. Being on your cell phone to much can even cause psychological and health issues. A recent study as shown that today’s youth checks their phone more than thirty times daily. Cell phone addiction is known to act the same way as drug addiction. It can cause negative emotions such as sadness and anger that can lead to depression. It can increase stress levels, cause illness of the nervous system and immune system, and also increase the risk the eye vision

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