Social Media Affecting Society's Mental Health

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The general topic of this paper is about how social media is affecting society's mental health conditions of a vast array of individuals. The purpose of the research described in this paper is to show individuals how much time people actually spend online. Studies have shown that the internet world is an addiction. There are five different types of addiction says Young; computer addiction (games), information overload (web surfing), net compulsions (online gambling/shopping), cyber sexual addiction, and cyber relationship addiction (K., 1999). All of these addictions cause people to neglect their personal life, mood experiences, or they become so obsessed with others they forget about themselves and who they are. The authors hypotheses is the mass appeal of social networks on the internet could potentially be a cause for concern, particularly when one pays attention to the gradual increasing amounts of time people spend online (K., Facebook Addiction Disorder? The Center for Online Addiction, 2009).…show more content…
Several search terms were entered in the search engine and a total of forty-three empirical studies were identified, five of which were specifically social network site addictions. There were numerous studies done in this article and the participants involved in the studies were from adolescents, students, and adults. In one study, university students participated in a student sample and all he or she had to do was keep up with their time on social network. Each participant showcased percentages of who all they kept up with whether it be family or friends, or whomever they talked to more often. Another study used sixteen adolescents by using the qualitative methodology to research why teenagers used social networking sites (S.,

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