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The Internal Combustion Engine What exactly is an internal combustion engine? An internal combustion is “any type of machine that obtains mechanical energy directly from the expenditure of the chemical energy of fuel burned in a combustion chamber that is an integral part of the engine”(Funk & Wagnalls). Most internal combustion engines are used to power automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles for transportation while other engines are used to power generators and tools. The first successful engine was built in 1859 by German engineer, Nikolaus August Otto (Lowe 47 and Funk & Wagnalls para 1). His invention was marked as the first four-stroke engine after 1876 and considered his work finished after his invention of the first magneto ignition system for low voltage ignition in 1884. Throughout the invention and idea of the internal combustion engine, engineers have developed more complex versions which differ in size, shape, and process. Today, most engines consume gasoline as their primary source of energy to function as designed and is one of the essential fluids a vehicle needs for perform appropriately. Oil and coolant are other essential…show more content…
The fuel injection system was first invented in the early 1900s but was mainly used in diesel engines. There are two different versions of fuel injection, port fuel injection and direct injection. Port fuel injection uses tubes with valves that spray fuel at each intake port rather than at the central throttle body whereas direct injection uses a fuel rail where the fuel gathers and is directly injected into the combustion chamber via fuel injectors. Fuel injectors come in a variety of aftermarket parts for performance and differ by the amount of fuel it sprays measured in cubic centimetres (cc). Though fuel injections are quite sophisticated due to it’s installation of wiring, tuning, and custom cylinder head

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