Importance Of Speed Of Presentation

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The speed of the reader also impacts the success of the presentation greatly. The reader may read slowly just before suspense and speed up to express excitement. The reader may red slowly, giving much consideration to punctuation marks and pauses as appropriate. This brings life to the reading allowing the reader to move along with the audience smoothly. The speed of presentation is a very important aspect in modern communication, the choice of the speed also depends on the audience. A reader will be slow with a young and elderly audience but will increase the speed with a youthful audience. Speed determines the time spent in the presentation and therefore should be given a critical consideration in planning. (118words) It is important to interpret the author’s thoughts. This can be achieved through proper perusal of the selection until a proper understanding of the author’s message is achieved. This needs much practice until the reader can even present without thinking. Interpreting the author’s thoughts does not call for memorizing the piece. It is a bout understanding the underlying concept. It is only through proper understanding that the reader is able to present the selected piece from the heart and deliver the same to the listener’s heart.…show more content…
However, the reader should consider extent of application of this technique in the presentation. The use of gestures in interpretive reading should be minimal and strategic. The reader can make slight body movements and even facial expressions to pass the message to the audience effectively. Use of gestures is highly employed in drama and other informal presentations. However in formal presentations too many gestures may be considered inappropriate. For example, the reader may slightly close the eyes when presenting a theme that involves infliction of pain and smile broadly when presenting a theme containing happiness and success. (110

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