Negative Essay On Selfies

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Over the year’s technology has been becoming part of people’s lives. Individuals have smartphone devices with them upon every daily event. Furthermore, front cameras have been developed in smartphones; where one can take a selfie more effectively. An individual can press a simple button on the phone and share with family or friends the events that are occurring around them or about themselves by directly messaging them or uploading them on social media. Selfies has become a culture in people’s life. As seen on a commercial of the iPhone X, it was mostly advertised by the way an individual from any ethnicity would look; which was “perfect.” This shows that individuals have a high interest in caring for their appearance to show others their features. Although taking selfies can have a simple and pleasant way of sharing pictures, it can cause several risks to many individuals that are “Selfie”…show more content…
This can become unhealthy for an individual. According to American Psychiatric Association, there are three types of addictions. The first addiction is called Borderline Selfities; it takes place when an individual takes selfies three times a day, but does not post any on social media. The second addiction is called Acute Selfities; this is when an individual takes selfies three times a day and uploads each one on their account. Lastly, the third addiction is Chronic Selfities; the impulse of taking pictures and uploading them online for more than six times a day (Kaur and Vig). Individuals are used to seeing others uploading pictures constantly and have the urge to do so as well, but they do not notice this is mentally unhealthy because it is becoming a compulsion to them and they are not noticing what is taking place. An individual has to notice their actions at every second of their life or else negative effects or consequences may

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