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In the article ¨Hooked on Our Smartphones¨ by Jane E. Brody, the author argues that men, women, and children spend too much time on smartphones, which takes time away from being social and spending time outdoors. She mentions that people are spending too much time “doing things that don't really matter to us¨ (Brody 1). She adds on by saying a person she knows who visited New York spend the weekend “ communing with her many friends on facebook¨ (Brody 2) instead of touring the place. The author has a condescending tone towards people who let their children use technology, as children who overuse media are at risk of “internet gaming disorder” (Brody 2), which is an addiction. She ends her article by telling those to recognize how much they…show more content…
Technology affects people’s health negatively, causing stress and depression. People who use their phones, tablets, and other devices constantly are faced with numerous health effects including the fear of not being “plugged in”, causing stress. People are faced with depression as well. The lack of human contact, not talking to another person causes isolation, which then leads to depression. Additionally, the effects of technology has harmful impacts the planet. With the overuse of devices, adds to E-Waste, which contributes to pollution. Most technology, including any smartphone is made with non-renewable resources, and this is destroying our planet. There are many hazardous chemicals and precious resources that are in technology, and this destroys the…show more content…
There is a need to constantly check alerts, messages, and to keep up to date on social media platforms. From this “technostress in the workplace [and a] lack of sleep” (par. 1) and schools occur. This fear of missing out causes people to experience stress symptoms, such as no sleep. This fear of missing out has caused an addiction, a widespread disease spreading through the world. The cause of people having no sleep, having stress symptoms, is purely due being unaware of drama. This hurts people tremendously for their brain is always working, allowing no time to rest, and can damage the brain in the long run. Additionally, the no sleep causes people to be tired, which also hurts the brain because it needs rest. Living in constant fear is also not good for the body. This stress created by technology harms people is so many ways. Furthermore, technology can make people depressed. Thirty-year-old Faigy Mayer commited suicide “due to fear of failure and isolation” from technology (par 4). Mayer spent her entire career working in technology and not socializing with others. This causes depression. Technology is driving people to be lonely, to be by themselves. It is a proven fact that people need to be able to talk and communicate with one another. Taking that away leaves people upset, sad, and depressed. Social interaction is key for people to be able live. Technology is taking away a characteristic

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