Vaccine Persuasive Speech Outline

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You and your significant other have just found out that you’re pregnant. You will carry the baby for 9 months and you will protect it with your own body, but what happens after birth? What kind of protection should you provide them with? The question is to vaccinate, or to not vaccinate? First off, let’s start with what a vaccine is. According to Medline Plus, a vaccine is “A preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease.” So to simplify this, patients are injected with some form of the disease to expose their body to it so if the person is ever exposed to it again, the memory cells will recognize…show more content…
What about the drug companies? What about the links to autism? And what about the chemicals involved in preparing and contained in vaccines? All of these issues will be addressed starting with the parents concern of not trusting drug companies. All drug companies have heavy regulations and go through vigorous and continuous testing before and after the vaccine come out to ensure safety and improve upon it if necessary. There are diseases like polio that have been eradicated, but the reason they are eradicated is because there is a vaccine and people are vaccinating for the prevention of the disease. But since more and more people are refusing to receive vaccines, more outbreaks have been occurring and diseases that were thought to be eradicated are coming back. An example of this is; many people think that polio doesn’t exist at all, it is eradicated here in the U.S., but all it takes is one plane trip with someone who’s from another country, to be exposed to the disease. People also think that “These illnesses aren’t serious. Because these diseases are generally rare, many parents have never seen the devastating effects of polio, measles, and mumps. But these diseases are serious: Mumps can cause hearing loss, polio can end in paralysis and death and measles can lead to permanent brain damage or even death” (Graff). Another very…show more content…
The goal is of vaccination is to vaccinate as many people as possible in order to create a herd community, the children that aren’t vaccinated are hiding in the herd and praying for protection from the children who have been vaccinated. But there has to be a certain percentage of people being vaccinated to maintain the herd. The minimum to maintain the herd can’t fall below 90%. To put this into perspective there are some areas in California that there are as little as 20% of children in preschools being vaccinated, which is an unsettling thought to have as a parent because people send their children to school assuming their child is safe and protected

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