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Permanent Residency Australia Not a few people from around the world are now regularly sizing up the possibility of finding a place to settle in the land Down Under either temporarily or permanently. We are in the position to state the foregoing statement since our company is catering to clients seeking Australian visas as well as those who have concerns about migration to Australia. Over the last couple of years, we have noted a surge in the census of non-citizens asking about various types of visa. To us, the development is not surprising considering that Australia has emerged as one of the safest and most secure -- if not the safest and most secure – places on earth to live in. There may be some peace and order issues cropping up sometimes but these are isolated incidents, rather than part of broader problems facing many nations of the world today.…show more content…
And, if indeed you are, this we can say to you: Congratulations! You have made the right decision to choose the only island-continent country in the whole world in which to build your next abode. Temporary residency or permanent residency? But before you apply for an Australian visa, you need to determine first whether the type that you are going to apply for is provisional/temporary or permanent. This decision further hinges on the purpose of your coming here: Are you going to travel to Australia to relax, do sightseeing of various tourist attractions or visit some friends and relatives? Or are you going to study here? If not, do you intend to expand your business in the country? These and many other objectives influence your choice of the visa that suits your needs and budget, be it for temporary residency or permanent residency. Ultimate goal: permanent residency in

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