Case Study Of E-Commerce In India

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---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Sowmya H M Date: Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 7:54 PM Subject: change it To: Samuel Nitin Manohar 1.1.1 About eCommerce in India The scenario of ECommerce in India is still at naseecnt stage. At present, the success of E-Commerce relies heavily on the internet and mobile phone revolution which is expected to tranform the way products reach their customers. In countries like the US and China, e-commerce has already made substantial gains by achieving sales of over 150 billion USD in revenue. However, the industry in India is, still at its infancy. In spite of this, over the last few years, E-Commerce has grown considerably by over 35% CAGR from 3.8 billion USD in 2009 to around 12.6 billion USD in…show more content…
Initially it started as a daily deals platform and has now grown substantially to become one of the largest online market place in India. It offers an assortment of over 10 million products across diverse categories such as Electronics, Apparels, Home and kitchen, Automotive, real estate from over 1 Lakh sellers, shipping to 5,000+ towns and cities in India. A report released by Google and consulting firm Bain, estimates that the Internet has the capacity to influence $35 billion of FMCG sales in India by 2020 when there are expected to be more than 250 million online shoppers in India. Online shopper base in India has risen so much in India that it is expected to contribute $5-billion worth of FMCG product sales, growing 50 times from the present level, and contributing 5% of total sales by 2020. Though most of the ecommerce companies focus on certain categories, Snapdeal's view is different. It wants to be present in all the categories and firmly believes there is a lot of value in becoming a “one stop shop” for every retail need for a customer. Snapdeal is already present is a wide range of categories like electronics, apparels, lifestyle, home appliances, jewelry, sports etc. and have not ruled out segments like grocery in future. The key drivers of Snapdeal's assortment

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