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The Women’s Liberation Movement occured in the 1960’s and 1970’s to reform women’s rights. Things such as equal pay, women’s suffrage, reproductive rights, sexual assault and harassment were brought to attention. This movement helped end many discriminatory expectations of women. Lydia Maria Child, Abby Kelly, Lucretia Mott, are just some of the women who were involved. This movement helped women attain many rights and opportunities. After World War II, there were many more jobs available that didn’t need physical strength to do. But there were social expectations and laws that didn’t allow women the opportunity to do them, and they were upset about it. The Feminine Mystique, talked about how the problem was unspoken and that women…show more content…
It really gave women hope that things would soon change.” (Gale). Some of the things these women were asking for, were finally granted. There were also losses that occurred but women kept fighting for what they wanted. “The Equal Pay Bill was passed in 1963.” (Gale). The Equal Pay Bill abolished different pay based on gender. Women were expected to be paid the same as men. This was a big success for women who were trying to get jobs and do things other than staying at home caring for children and their husbands. They wanted to be able to go to college and make something of themselves. Later on in the movement, women were able to pay for college because the Equal Pay Bill was passed. During the Women’s Liberation movement, lesbian women were a big part of the movement. They suffered just as much as women fighting for contraception, abortion, and equal pay rights. Even though women had a hard time getting jobs and being accepted in the workplace, it was even harder for gays and transgenders. It contradicted the expectations men and society had for women. They were ostracized and belittled. Many lesbians and transgenders also protested for women’s rights, and their support played a big part in the

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