Importance Of Personal Information

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Privacy of the individual Privacy is about defending an individual’s confidential data. Personal information is any information that allows others to identify you. We need to feel self-assured that our information will not be collected, revealed or otherwise used without our knowledge or permission. Personal information is required, quite rightfully by many organisations when carrying out their numerous function. This creates problems, how do we guarantee this information is used only for its envisioned task and how do we know what these intended task is? Security of data and information The security of data is very important in this system as no data or information needs to be leaked to the public all information will be encrypted when travelling through local and external networks to ensure the safety of data and making sure information cannot be lost during a transfer. o Some possible security issue •…show more content…
The possibility for inappropriate use of information arises. Inappropriate use of information can occur intentionally, or it can be quite innocent and unintentional. It is vital to thoroughly understand the source, nature and accuracy of any information before it is used. An example of inappropriate information use includes: Client’s email address, collected by a business, are sold to a direct mail company. The direct mail company then sends out mass advertising or spam mail. The appropriate use of information is often detailed as a policy statement for the organisation. The policy outlines inappropriate activities together with the consequences should a user breaches any of the conditions. Typically, the following activities are deemed as an inappropriate usage by a policy statement: · Unauthorised access, alteration or destruction of another user’s data, programs, electronic mail or voice
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