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Methods used in plant microbiology Plant pathology is the study of plant diseases caused by pathogens and environmental conditions. Food loses due to infection caused by microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa etc has become one of the unrelenting effects. Basic culture methods  Plate Procedure In this process, the number of microbes present in a mixed sample are calculated and then add this sample on an agar medium and allow it to solidify. Dilute the samples and pour it on agar plate and incubate it. There will be formation of colonies distributed all over the plate. This process is used to attain viable plate counts, in which the total number of colony is forming units on surface of the agar. To calculate approximately the number of cells in the tube from which the sample was plated, and to check the effect of various environmental factor or growth conditions on growth of bacterial cell.  Spread Plate Procedure This technique is used to separate microorganisms present in a sample volume and then spread this sample on the surface of an agar plate and incubate it for 24 hours. After 24 hours different types of colonies are formed on surface of agar plate. This method is use for counting viable cells. Spread-plating is used in enrichment, selection, and screening experiments. Molecular methods The following…show more content…
But now it is also use for detection plant pathogens. In addition to basic PCR method, following complex PCR methods like reverse –transcription PCR, multiplex PCR has also been used for the identification of plant pathogens. Multiplex PCR can run multiple DNA and RNA in a single cycle, so can rapidly detect different pathogens.PCR has high sensitivity and specificity. Through PCR, we can amplify DNA up to our demand. But it had certain drawbacks. Before PCR we have to design primers, this will limit its practical application for sampling of

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