Social Networking Addiction In Murasaki Shibuku's Genji Monogatari

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SOCIAL NETWORKING ADDICTION I. Introduction A. Murasaki Shibuku’s Genji Monogatari whose seductive hero was inspired by a real life prince and Cleopatra, the queen and the historical siren, both of them enchanted their seduction targets by filling the gap in the victims’ heart. They study their target, find out what was missing in their life, and provide it. This is the same as social networking whose apparently graces the life of a person by constantly connecting users even though it is virtual. This is perfect for us, human, the social animal that naturally carving for connection also communication and the feeling of being accepted and important to someone or crowd. As social networking goes mainstream, a great number of person dazzled…show more content…
It is reveals that psychological states of users have develops addiction to the social networking. 1. According to Baker (2009), compared to the virtual interaction which is the form of social networking, addicted person generally have poor social skills or soft skills in their real- life social encounter other than feeling not secure in the reality marble which eventually leads to this social networking issue (Kuss & Griffiths, 2011). a. Finding shows that, from online survey with 184 respondents, this psychologically dependent on social networking person is already associated with undesirable identity in the social niche before addicted and living with low confidentialness all the time (Nyland, Marvez & Beck, 2007). i. This is very logical to how human works psychologically as according to Elliot (2007), it is normal for human to desires the great feeling of to be accepted and to run away from rejection in their social life. ii. Most of the time, an addicted user will received positive feedback in nature in their social networking circle which perfectly compensate their insecure behavior and countering the impotency in real life communication which virtually offers him or her the feeling of acceptance (Ellison, Steinfield & Lampe…show more content…
Another price that social network addiction cost a person is their productivity which the person workforce productivity will be significantly low (Biswajit & Shankar, 2011). 1. The constant update of social networking and the urge to check them out always distract an addicted person from another important or beneficial task even for working adults. a. In terms of employees productivity whom employed in a company that allowed social networking such as Facebook, there is 1.5% drop in efficiency of production (Gaudin, 2009). 2. Other than that, social networking users who are students reportedly had not so impressive academic achievement and located little time for learning independently. a. Based on a survey carried out, there are 74% of the students that admit facing the negative impacts (from the 26% of the total respondent that having various negative impacts) in the form of procrastination, failure in time planning and any kind of disturbance that arise from social networking eventually worsen their academic performance (Kirschner & Karpinski, 2010). E. Social Networking addiction also impacts a person negatively in a psychological

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