Attention Deficit Disorder: Student Analysis

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My mind is a ship, often times it gets thrown off of its original course. It constantly braves an onslaught of thoughts come at it from all sides distracting the captain from staying on its path much like how a ship can get caught up in a storm and all its' captain wants to do is keep it afloat. My mind naturally gets off course due to my having Attention Deficit Disorder better known as ADD. I began to think that I might have ADD after I had been sitting in my ninth grade World History class, one of my favorite courses, and suddenly I realized that my teacher was talking about Egypt being united as one. The last thing I had heard was of upper and lower Egypt is entirely separate from each other. I had zoned out in my favorite class learning…show more content…
I have had to learn different ways to stay attentive in class, especially classes where lectures are the primary form that some teachers use to teach their lessons. I have the tendency to unintentionally ignore my teachers when they are lecturing, but I have learned how to prevent myself from ignoring them by learning, writing down what the teacher is saying even if I already have the notes in a handout. I have also had to find ways to be able to concentrate for long periods of time in my foreign language class because taking an oral test where you must hold a conversation with more than one person in a language, which is not your native tongue, is difficult without having to work in order to stay focused. I have found that little movements like twirling a pencil or swinging my feet back and forth, allow just enough distraction to satisfy my mind. It’s these little coping mechanisms that have made an impact on my daily life, both outside of school and in school. I know that it might not seem like these little tricks would actually make a difference, but they truly do after I began taking the medicine and working on staying focused I noticed an improvement in my daily life. As, I no longer easily forgot to complete or procrastinate in completing homework assignments or chores at home. Since then, I’ve learned how to manage my ADD and I’ve learned how to work with my ADD so that it doesn’t work against

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