Career Opportunity Scams Examples

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Career opportunity scams Career opportunity scam is a scam that defraud people who are seeking or performing employment by giving them a false hope of better employment, often with higher salary for unskilled labor, easy work, flexible hours, and a small number of hours paired with a lot of free time. This is usually under the guise of work visas, travel expenses or background and or credit checks that are required for the job. The scammer contacts the victims by email, letter or phone and offers them a job that requires very little effort for high returns, or a guaranteed way to make money quickly, but require an advance fee. The promised career and benefits are never delivered. Even on classified ad websites, it also come across false job opportunities.…show more content…
Loan scams Loan scam is a scam that about trying to get people to pay an advance fee at the time of loan approval. A person will typically reply to an advert for a fast loan and will have their loan application approved regardless of their credit history. Before they receive the loan, the scammer are told them must pay an advance fee to cover the insurance for the loan. Once this fee is paid, the victim does not hear from the company again and the promised loan never arrives and the advance fee paid by the victim is lost. The victim will be asked for submit the loan application information and personal information as part of the loan application. In the worst case scenario, the scammer now have the personal information of victim from the loan application, such as social security number and bank account information. The scammer could use this information to rob the account of the victim or commit identity

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