Personal Narrative: My Trip To Tierra Patagonia

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Oh man this brings back memories, really good ones. The thing I’m talking about is my trip to Tierra patagonia an amazing luxury spa and resort right next to the Torres del Paine National Park to best explain this place i'll start at the beginning of this awesome journey. The first day went like this I was woken up by my parents reaaaaally early in the morning and I was like “No why I really don't want to do this in sooooo tired, please don't wake me up.” Sadly I had to and after I was woken up I had a tasty breakfast of waffles and eggs and they tasted like the best, most sweet and salty breakfast ever and I remember the taste 3 or 4 years after that. After I ate this breakfast, I I got into my mom's subaru legacy and went to the slc airport…show more content…
But not just ordinary tired I was the most tired anyone has ever been probably due to the fact that I had zero personal space but who am I to complain. I was as tired as a bear during hibernation. But anyway, I got off the plane and got in a bus to the place we were staying for two days. In Santiago, Chile an amazing South american town that we stayed in for 2-3 days the place we stayed in for those hot insufferable, not really but it was pretty hot. days was an airBnB of a old Italian guy if you can believe it. Of course my family(except for me and my younger cousins I must add ) could speak fluent Italian (totally secret language) because all we could understand was complete gibberish). Any way we got all our stuff/gear into our rooms. Then, since it was late we fell into our beds and fell into a deep slumber. Then after that long long long long long very long night. we woke up, and had a little adventure that I will tell you after this sentence. After I went to sleep, I woke up in Santiago and madness ensued (nah just kidding we did regular stuff). Anyway we woke up and had a an amazing breakfast consisting of sweet orange juice and salty eggs, which melted in my mouth creating the most amazing aromas in my brain. Then we went shopping. and sorry to say but I forgot most of that so i'll just tell you the one thing i remember. while we were in the market area we saw a…show more content…
From a distance it looks like a giant black centipede with no legs not moving. But when you get up close to it it looks like a giant multilevel mansion made of dark wood. With the help of our drivers we got our bags signed in to the. hotel and got to our room. Our rooms to explain what they look like are like this.There are two beds for kids at the entrance, then a stairway leading down opens to a queen sized bed with a view of the desert ten inside a door to the right there of the bed was a door and inside the door there was a giant bath and shower. so that's what's what our rooms look like. After we got our stuff unpacked. This being the middle of the day we had a lunch of some things that Iforgot, but our meals went like this. Breakfast was an all you can eat buffet including all breakfast things you can think of, lunch was mostly ordering snacks and drinks for the bar. yes there was a bar. and since the food was paid for we could order and eat as much as we wanted, dinner was usually things like pasta, cream of mushroom or some wanako meat, a wanako is a Chilean kangaroo/hoarse animal that doesn't hop(sadly it would be so funny), dessert was usually ice cream. so then after “lunch” some of the family went on a hike. but me my brother and cousins went and played board games like monopoly and such games. then the rest of the family came back and. we had dinner. and just to explain this next bit I need to tell you this hotel had two floors

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