Types Of Leadership Theories

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LEADERSHIP APPROACHES AND TYPES 1 Introduction: Leadership is the one of the world's oldest absorption. The understanding of leadership has appeared strongly in everyone past life. Determined stories have been told through generation about leader's capability, intention and imperfection, leader's rights and advantage and the leader's duties and responsibility (Bass, 1990). 1.1 Concepts of Leadership: Leadership is a process by which a person impacts others to fulfill an objective and directs the company in a way it makes more cohesive and reasonable. Leader conveys out this operation by concern their leadership understanding and efficiency. This is called operation leadership (1982, Manoj Kumar Sharma and Shilpa…show more content…
They continually expand their proficiency, their potential to do a thing. Therefore the most of this learning and extension sprits is self-initiated and feed upon itself (covey, 1991) 1.2.2 They are Synergistic: They are changing catalyst. They improve when they get into a different situation and they work as hard as they work smart. They are amazingly inventive, but an innovative way(covey, 1991). And always the leaders believe others power and capacity. 1.2.3 Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions Always looking for a way to guide your company organization to new heights. And when the wrong thing happens, as they frequently tend to do shortly or later — do not blame others when you do not have any proof. Inspect the situation, take corrective effort, then move on to the next challenge whatever you would live (Manoj and Shipa, 2013) 1.2.4 Set the example: As much as possible to be a good role model for your employees. They must not only hear what they are anticipating to do but also see (Manoj and Shilpa, 2013). ‘We must become the change we want to see' said by Mahatma Gandhi. 2 The approach of…show more content…
But it does not cover fully about the leadership approach and characteristic. Throughout the study of leadership a leader should have some of the point mentioned precisely. In my point of view each every leader have some difference in their approach it always come different situation, As a same time they have some common characteristic. Based on reference you can see some example in this essay. There are many different approach to leadership but in this easy it highlights important approaches to leadership. However, in personality of leadership it have 16 MBTI types. On this ENTP personality it mention characteristic of ENTP, approach to ENTP and it highlights the growth of ENTP personality, ENTP leaders have 8.3 % leadership skill. In my over all view about leadership theory, it always comes with experience, practices and self learning and learning from

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