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You would think that students with high academics and grade point averages would be offered a scholarship that is too suitable to refuse rather than those who attend to school, do no work, and just depend on playing sport(s) to help them further their career. Well, this is the complete opposite. Student athletes that actually want an education and who are engaged in their sport(s) are overlooked by those who are just athletic, which is truly unfair. Why should any athlete who puts little time and effort into studies be capable of being awarded a full or partial scholarship to a division 1 or 2 schools? In discussions of athletes, a controversial issue is why certain athletes are able to receive athletic scholarship compared to others, why schools…show more content…
Through my own experience with an athletic scholarship it yields at the point that is both similar and different from the recent examples. I too have been put in the situation where I did not know if I would ever have the chance to play basketball again. As my senior year slowly came to an end, I still had no idea of what I was going to do next. I cried and prayed that a coach would give me a shot of proving myself. I attended unsigned senior camps hopeful of that possibility, I filled out recruiting questionnaires on school basketball websites, I asked friends if they knew of any college workouts nearby, etc. I started to have self doubt and became frustrated with myself thinking that everything was over for me, until the situation finally began to turn around. A coach finally reached and wanted me to come down for a visit and the next thing my family and I knew I was preparing for my signing day. As time progressed I started to notice that things were not going as told, we did everything we were suppose to do, but when it came down to it we were fed a bunch of lies. I was humiliated and upset because my family went above and beyond for me, everything was already out in the news, and I just did not know how to tell everyone that I was not attending that school after all. Coaches should not be allowed to convince and persuade young adults and their families that things will go accordingly but in reality give them false

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