Essay About Being Yourself

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BEING YOURSELF You won’t believe me, but it is true when I say that when it comes to advice, one of the most commonly and freely given one is- “BE YOURSELF”. We’ve heard the statement too many times to remember. But what makes me wonder is the fact that what in the world does it mean?? If someone is ill-behaved, does it mean he should continue being the same in order to be himself?? No, right. Then what is it being yourself? Who do you think you are? These are the simplest as yet the most difficult questions to answer. When we look up in a regular mirror, we look at ourselves- we seek for reassurances, an image- of what others see in us. But when we look upon a true mirror- our conscience, we don’t look at ourselves, we look for ourselves. If you have ever noticed a child, you would’ve marked how free he is, how little he cares about what others think of him, he is just happy in the moment. This is because they don’t feel the need to “fit in” the society; it is who they naturally are, without any masks or pretentiousness. As for us, we play roles to fit in the society and in that process we lose track of ourselves. When we stop looking through others’ eyes, it is when we see our true selves. Is it…show more content…
The leading step towards our destination is to know, understand and accept who we are. Not everybody of us are good at talking to self as to others. Trying to think through different situations could help - what would I like, how will I do it, is it right the way I was doing it? Even the good old trial and error could work just fine when embarking on the journey of knowing ourselves. Now, there will be times when we come across a dilemma, facing conflicting morals. This doesn’t mean we have to give up on our values, what does matter is that we continue working through the conflict to resolve what values we feel most true to ourselves. Consider it the unique and dynamic
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