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I always believed that curiosity has been the cornerstone of man’s evolution. I had this curiosity and thirst for knowledge in me. Right from my childhood, I was interested in Automobiles. My years in school, apart from providing a strong foundation in Math and Basic Sciences, also enabled me to develop my overall personality. I have participated in various annual training camps of NCC (National cadet corps) arranged by our school. I was also appointed as monitor of the class. Being an avid student in school days, I actively participated in science workshops. It gave me deep appreciation for science and my quest. I would like tinkering with objects. I always enjoyed analyzing and understanding the working of Automobiles, starting from experimenting on my toys to fixing my bike. Egged on by my parents and teachers and my innate predilection for science and technology, a mechanical engineering degree was the logical career choice. A fascination for science and keen interest in the ever growing world of technology motivated me to pursue, Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering at “IFET College of Engineering,” located at villupuram in tamil nadu. It was the first…show more content…
Fascinating subjects like fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Engineering management, Automobile engineering, Total Quality Management, Process planning and cost estimation, Marketing management, Advanced IC engines, CAD/CAM Modeling and Engineering graphics Drawing which compelled me to seek extended knowledge outside the realm of my syllabus. Attending of various mechanical workshops held in our college during National level Technical festivals has helped me in understanding the practical aspects of mechanical courses. Of all the courses, Computer aided designing (CAD) has provoked a special interest in me. I have learnt CAD softwares like AutoCAD, ANSYS and Pro-E. These softwares paved way for the improvement in learning process of

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