Automotive Engineering Purpose Statement

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “ If only we were all better educated. If then, higher education would at last be a journey for skill and knowledge rather than for power and status.” Criss Jami The ensuring statement of purpose is meant to assert my aspiration to pursue my career through Masters in Automotive Engineering at your esteemed university. In this ever changing world of Engineering and Technology, passing day makes them obsolete, I desire to attain the highest level of education in the field of Automotive Engineering and I am keen to endure my academic pursuit in this field. At my early stages of childhood, I have always dreamed of becoming an Engineer, a dream that was innate and refined slowly over the years. Right from my school days, I found myself fascinated by the intricacies of mathematics and physics, which spurn the web around me, a web that I sought to unravel in numerous problems solving sessions. I have always felt a strong desire for achievement; this desire has always been my inspiring force behind whatever I have…show more content…
Thus, Mechanical Engineering was a direct consequence of my convictions. Subjects like Automotive Engineering, Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines, CAD/CAM, Manufacturing Process, Applied Thermodynamics have revealed vast knowledge about various working principles involved in Automotives and we had practical sessions on minor repairs in Automobiles. The computers played a tectonic rule in every discipline of engineering ,’Computer Integrated Manufacturing’ or CIM had played a significant role in manufacturing procedures and this encouraged me to learn various design application software packages like Auto CAD 2007,Pro-E, Solid Works and Ansys

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