Compare And Contrast Sam Walton And Jay Z

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Sam Walton and Shawn Carter known as “Jay Z” are two very famous business men. Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart and Jay Z a famous rapper. These two men had very similar lives. Growing up they each lived with very little money and are very intelligent. While working in the business world, they used strategic ways to make their achievements possible. Sam Walton and Jay Z are both successful, intelligent business entrepreneurs with different family backgrounds that shaped the way they chose to build their companies. However, in this writer’s opinion Sam Walton was more successful than Shawn Carter in achieving the American Dream. Sam Walton and Shawn Carter’s family backgrounds were similar but also different. They both grew up with little…show more content…
Sam Walton’s strategy however was a lot more intelligent than Shawn’s. When Sam owned a Ben Franklin store, he bought lady panties in a dozen. He would then sell “…four pairs for a dollar and had great promotion” (Packer 352). Within five years Sam tripled his sales. Sam began opening stores in small towns. Sam had no competition this way and the community had no choice but to buy from him. This was Sam’s way of making and earning more profit. Although Shawn Carter saved money like Sam Walton, his strategy to start his business was a lot different. Shawn Carter first began making money by selling drugs. He spent hours working, getting his money and saving it. While working, Shawn did not have a lot of time to spend on music. He would practice remembering rhymes for longer period of times. This in the end helped Shawn Carter be the rapper he is today. Although Shawn Carter’s strategy was not as a clever as Sam Walton’s, they both were competitors within their towns for selling their product working every…show more content…
Shawn Carter’s goal was “… to be the rich guy in the nice car with the big gun” (Packer 358). He looked up too many famous and rich people. That’s what he wanted to be, and he did everything he could to get to that point in his life. Shawn Carter now known as “Jay Z” became a rapper. He toured with Big Daddy Kane where he rapped during the intermissions (Packer 358). Shawn became a top celebrity and did just what most would do. In contrast Sam Walton’s goal was very different. Sam went to college at University of Missouri. He started work at J.C. Penny but not for long because of the war. Sam was very determined to get back into retail once he returned. In Newport, Arkansas Sam bought a variety store where he sold ladies’ panties. He had a theory, “buy low, sell cheap, high volume, fast turn” (Packer 352). He was doing so well with this small store. Soon after Sam opened his first retail discount store called “Wal-Mart.” This store promised “every-day low prices.” Wal-Mart still uses that saying to this day. Money never meant much to Sam, but he ended his live achieving his goal. “If we had enough groceries, and a nice place to live, plenty of room to keep and feed my bird dogs, and place to hunt, a place to play tennis, and the means to get the kids good education- that’s rich. No question about it.” Sam had more than enough money to suite

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