Hs International Case Study

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CHAPTER- 2 COMPANY PROFILE: HS Brands International HS Brands pvt ltd is one of the world’s most important mystery shopping provider and loss anticipation outsourcing companies. There are two separation of HS Brands planned to work together to improve the customer understanding and reduce loss. The Service Sleuth division provides international mystery shopping services, customer data collection that measures and provides opinion on the guest experience. The Mershimer Group division create custom-made loss obstacle services, executes audits and consults on royalty guarantee, which drive results and can honestly force a client’s foundation line. In spite whether you work with Service Sleuth or The…show more content…
They have offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Las Vegas, Nevada along with France, India, Turkey, Argentina and Italy. We are currently performing global mystery shopping projects and audits worldwide. Mystery Shopping in India HS Brands pvt ltd is one of the leaders of mystery shopping in India. Headquartered in Boston, MA, the mystery shopping company also has offices in Las Vegas, Italy, France Turkey, Argentina and India. HS Brands pvt ltd started mystery shopping in India . Since undertaking many various projects that include all industries, HS Brands India has over 13000 shoppers that help complete the projects in a well-timed and expert manner. Right from starting, HS Brands has been confidential to supply a large range of clients from various industries. Over the years we have grown to be the most favorite choice for mystery shopping for a huge number of clients from all over India and abroad. HS Brands delivers most mystery shopping services in India to areas of industries like: • Food & Beverage • Telecom &

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