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Date viewed / Title / Writer / Main Actors / Year released Date viewed: March 3rd, 2018 / Title: I Am Sam / Writer: Kristine Johnson and Jessie Nelson / Main Actors: Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Dakota Fanning / Year Released: 2001 2. Describe four (4) specific scenes from the movie that portray how limitations in cognition (e.g. comprehension, attention, memory, problem-solving, skill transfer, etc.) were portrayed by the character with intellectual disabilities. At 5:20, Sam doesn’t understand that his partner, the mother of his child, does not want the baby. He does not notice that she refuses to hold the baby. When they walk out to the bus and she runs away, Sam doesn’t understand why she is running away. At 9:00, Sam is…show more content…
5. Describe (2) specific scenes from the movie of how a physical abnormality or limitation in gain, coordination or balance was portrayed by the character with intellectual disabilities. At 43:10, Sam is running to Lucy with her birthday cake. He trips on the stairs and drops the birthday cake. Throughout the movie, when Sam walks he holds his hands outside his body. Also when Sam thinks he holds one or both hands up. 6. Describe at least two (2) specific scenes from the movie of how inappropriate behavior or limitations in social skills were portrayed by the character with intellectual disabilities. At 12:00, Sam is working at Starbucks with his daughter in a baby carrier. Sam bumps into a customer and spills an iced coffee drink down her shirt. Sam tries to pick the ice that fell into her cleavage. Sam doesn’t realize that is an inappropriate place to touch her and does not…show more content…
He wants to order what he usually gets at IHOP, but they don’t serve those items at Bob’s Big Boy. He makes a scene with the waitress and demands to see “Bob”. He is clearly uncomfortable when he is at Bob’s Big Boy. 7. Discuss the impact of intellectual disability upon the family members of the character with the disability, as portrayed in the movie. Sams limitations made his daughter feel guilty when she realized she was reading better then him and getting smarter then him. It made her feel that it was wrong to learn more then her father did. She became afraid to learn. 8. How accurate do you believe the portrayal of the disability was? Explain your rationale, citing text content to support your

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