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Is global warming natural or human induced? Should the government run social programs? Should minimum wage increase or stay the same? What do these questions have to do with one another? Depending on the way one answers these questions can help determine the political party they are associated with. A political party is an alliance for people with compatible mindsets who work together to win elections or control within the government. Political parties hold many roles of importance in our society. These include, selecting candidates for political office, inform their members of their opinions, mobilize members to vote, bring order to the process of policymaking, and monitor the opposing party. The two prominent parties in the United States…show more content…
There are ten major subjects that Democrats and Republicans differ on. Each of these topics hold great importance within our government and are debated often. First, social issues are very controversial between the two. Republicans tend to take a conservative stance. This means they hold traditional values and are cautious of change. For example, they believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, and therefore are greatly opposed to gay marriage. Republicans are also extremely against abortion, and believe a woman does not have the authority to decide to have one. Democrats are more progressive in their views, and favor same sex marriage and abortion. They are strong supporters of stricter gun laws, whereas Republicans promote the right of gun ownership. Next, parties disagree over where tax cuts should be applied. Republicans believe tax cuts should be applied to everyone, and Democrats believe they should only be applied to low and middle income families. An interesting point is that Democrats want to raise taxes on big businesses and wealthy individuals. When it comes to the energy crisis, Republicans favor drilling for fossil fuels in order to produce more energy at a lower cost to citizens, and want the…show more content…
In addition, the two debate over healthcare. Republicans believe that a lot of government involvement will raise costs and lower the quality of care. On the contrary, Democrats prefer a large amount of government regulation. They support the Affordable Care Act, which was enacted to extend coverage to millions of uninsured Americans by lowering healthcare costs and improve system efficiency. Social programs is an issue different from social issues. Republicans realize the need for programs such as welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps and Medicaid, but believe that the government should hold much control over the, and lessen the founding. Their solution is to have private organizations help those in need. Democrats think government should run the programs, and tax dollars should be used to help. Furthermore, foreign policy is a prominent topic of discussion. Republicans want a full military effort in order to tear apart totalitarian regimes. Democrats favor limited use of manpower and more concrete, specific strikes. Both disagree on which countries to send aid to. When it comes to education, Republicans want conservative changes to schools such as more focused programs or longer hours, whereas

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