Racism In Culture

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Introduction Goode et al., (2004) defined culture as the integrated imitation of human’s behavior and the capability of passing it to the subsequent generation, which comprises of aspects such as religion, food, social traditions, music, language and arts. In accordance to the definition given, it can be presumed that language plays a significant role in portraying the culture as a whole. This can be proven as Baker (2001), states that loss of language results in the loss of cultural identity. Shockingly, students nowadays are not being broadly exposed to different cultures in the world, both in schools and universities, which eventually lead to cultural stereotypes within students. The media, on the other hand, is the most generic medium…show more content…
Hence, the approaches to prevent the issues cannot be disclosed. Tanriveri and Apak (2008) both suggest that when it comes to culture, people are only exposed to the surface information such as geography and arts which are insufficient in making them comprehend the target culture better. However, the expansion of technology today formulates an easier approach for people to learn certain cultures and their languages especially through media. For example, Lee (1999) states that using newspapers in foreign language helps people to evaluate cultural texts beyond the conception of simple texts, which give them the opportunity to see a clearer view of certain cultures. Research Question 1) What are the ways that can be used to learn languages through cultures? 2) How does the media helps people to understand the language of a certain culture? Statement of Purpose The purpose of this paper is to divulge the possible ways to educate languages through culture and to identify how the media helps people to understand the language of a certain culture. Based on the claim that learning languages cannot be disjointed from the culture that it epitomizes, this paper discusses the possible way of acquiring languages and cultures through media such as watching YouTube or reading newspapers. The data is obtained through questionnaires distributed to…show more content…
One of the examples is by using musical methods such as listening to the target language’s songs and understanding the lyrics of the song. (Wu & McMahon, 2013) By listening to the music, learners are able to get the glimpse of the culture, making them more engaged to study the language of the culture as ‘music can be a powerful tool in the learning experience’. (Salcedo, 2010) Besides, Wanyu (2011) states that learners should consult a teacher that have the knowledge and understands the culture as a whole himself as he should be able to deal with the relationship between language learning and cultural teaching using suitable approaches for the learners to understand it

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