Buy Nothing Day Research Paper

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Businesses are now a very large part of the American economy and society. They are one of the many building blocks that formed America. Millions of businesses ranging from big to small collect money everyday that eventually cycles through the system of executives, managers, and staff that build that company, providing their weekly paycheck. For many people, that paycheck will determine if they can provide their family dinner that week, or buy much needed shoes for their kids. The annual Buy Nothing Day may be the reason that that family can’t have dinner that day because it causes businesses to loose money, therefore the employees paycheck will be lowered. Buy Nothing Day may bring awareness to the consequences of overconsumption or excessive consumerism, but the problems that it brings such as…show more content…
People are creatures of habit, and it is very difficult to break habits, especially long term ones. For a long time, the society of America has been practicing the bad habit of overconsumption and excessive consumerism. One of Buy Nothing Day’s purposes is to try and break this defective habit by making people more aware of their overconsumption. The problem that makes this illogical is that habits take time to break. For Example, if someone were to try to lose weight by not eating, they would starve themselves rather than actually solve the problem and lose weight. But if they took their their time and eased themselves into dieting and exercising more, then they could adjust to a new lifestyle rather than making it too hard for themselves then give up out of frustration. Buy Nothing Day would be similar to someone starving themselves to lose weight. It just ends up causing damage. The best way for excessive consumerism to be diminished it to slowly expose people to the idea by filtrating it into their daily habits. One way people could do this is by placing limits on the money they can spend on things that aren't
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