The Government Should Be Allowed To Put Locks On Online Work Essay

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The government should not let the authors put locks on their online work. How would people, Research, Download music, and buying things online. If the author were to lock his online work, the people would not be able to Research things that they need. Research is probably the most important thing in our normal life style, because it keeps us from going to the library and wasting time looking through books and reading every single page to find what we are looking for, so with the internet we can find it within seconds on our phone, computers and tablets. People like to listen to music but how can we, if we can’t even download the music if the websites are blocked. People like to listen to music when they are mad, sad, or just having a good time, but once you take away the only thing to so many people like to do when they are feeling emotional. We won’t have anything to calm us down or to make everything feel like nothing’s wrong and to comfort us when we are in need if it. Last but not least if they were to let the authors block there online work, how would we be able to buy things online. Online is a very important tool there is in our position. If we can’t buy or order things online, there will more than likely be so kind of arguments going on the world. In my opinion I think most of the people would be against letting the authors putting locks on their online work.…show more content…
There would be a rise in complains about letting the government give the authors the option to block the online work. When they do we won’t be able to research most of the things online. For example if I was doing a project I would need to go on the computer and start looking on different sites so I can find the information that I am looking for, to use on my project. For incents if I had homework to finish at home I would use my computer to help me finish it. But if they were to block the websites

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