Mcdonald's Filet O Fish Argumentative Essay

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Something’s Fishy Around Here: Research and Argument on the Works of McDonald’s Fast Food Animals and humans need to consume food in order to survive. In this modern and industrialized world, people would love to have food that’s quick, cheap, and convenient. Those types of food are produced by fast food chains, for example, Jack in the Box, Burger King, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s. With people wanting so much of these cheap and convenient foods, these food chains compete and create advertisements in order to be successful and to entice more customers to buy their food. Fast food chains produce creative advertisements that uses a facade of misleading or lacking information to mask true nutrition information of their products to deceive and…show more content…
As one would view an ad, it would be in the “Z” form, across the top, diagonally, then across the bottom, like the shape of the letter Z. First aspect of the ad that would hit the audience is the name “Filet O Fish,” then sees the picture of the sandwich, and lastly, the famous golden arches of McDonald’s, the place where the audience can find this filet o fish. The background of the simple ad is light blue to represent the fresh blue waters of where the fish is from. However, the most interesting aspect of the advertisement is the picture of the filet o fish. It is not the actual filet o fish but a creative symbolic piece of a small goldfish in a clear glass bowl shaped as the burger. It wants the audience to make sure that McDonald’s clearly use fish in their products and that the focus of the ad is on the fish. Most importantly, why is there a goldfish used in the ad? Well I highly doubt that eating a fish that people typically would have as a pet is reasonable but the reason that the artists of the ad, rhetorically, is that 1) it is a common known fish to many people including kids, 2) it is a small fish that logically fits in a fish bowl, and 3) its colors resemble McDonald’s logo. Overall it is an effective ad however misleading with the lack of information and it makes some people pose questions such as, why a goldfish, how much the sandwich costs, what its nutritional content is, and how it is prepared. This isn’t just towards the sandwich but the food that McDonald’s has to

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