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Ecommerce – Changing Business Trends Page 1 CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2 2. History 2 3. First Wave & Second Wave 3 4. Categories of Ecommerce 3 5. Revenue Models of Ecommerce 4 6. Change in Business 5 7. Change in Individuals 6 8. Mobile Commerce 7 9. Change in Economy 7 10. Conclusion 8 11. References 9 Ecommerce – Changing Business Trends Page 2 1 Introduction Electronic Commerce famously known as Ecommerce have changed the entire human behaviour towards everything, not only changed the human behaviour but also changed the process of business, organisations, banking, government, shopping, etc. Ecommerce is all kind of business activities done on an electronic platform, buying and selling of goods, transferring of funds and data and any activity…show more content…
Ecommerce have given a new face to marketing, which is the key tool in any business. Marketing was only limited to yellow pages and newspaper and was very expensive before ecommerce, now the whole structure of marketing has been changed. E-marketing has not only changed the traditional marketing but also connects to the customer quickly and reaches the larger consumer base. Ecommerce have eliminated the boundaries for any business and have made easy to connect and to supply to anyone anywhere in the world. Transportation of goods itself has become a new entity, where before the company which manufactures have to transport the goods, but now there are companies who are engaged into these business. The extremely rapid growth of ecommerce retail sales has provided a major boost to residential parcel delivery services. That's because online merchandise purchases involve some form of residential delivery by a third-party vendor such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and many more. Ecommerce have changed the functioning of…show more content…
There are a variety of ways to purchase things online, and many traditional methods of purchasing things are becoming outdated because of the convenience and speed of online transactions. In the past, shopping was like an excursion that required travelling and physical access to cash, but now we can shop from the comfort of our couches and pyjamas with a laptop or a smartphone that provides more than a brick and mortar store offers. In today’s ecommerce industry even the banking industry has made life easy to individuals and to the industry as such. Banking industry have adopted the benefits of internet and introduced platforms that significantly changed the way people bank. Just look at the way banking is being done today. Do you remember when you last visited your bank to withdraw cash? Gone are the days when people would stand in long queues after picking up a token waiting just to withdraw their own money.

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