Child Labor Benefits

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Who Benefits from Child Labor? In some countries children are taken away from their families to do work that is meant for an adult and most of these children never get to see their parents again. Child labor is a serious issue that sounds like it would be something that would have happened a long time ago, but this still happens in many impoverished countries. Kids are cheaper to use since most of them are paid pennies per day. Some people believe that child labor does not do any harm to children and that by working the children are merely helping their poor families. Unfortunately, child labor is dangerous both academically and physically. Child labor makes kids miss out on an education, and threatens the children's physical well being. The…show more content…
Without an education they would not be able to get a good job and therefore they would not make enough to support yourself or your family. This is shown in source 1, “Child Labor Stories,” by the Cornell University ILR School, when it says, “Twelve-year-old Alejandra is woken up at four in the morning by her father, Don José. She does not go to school but goes to collect curiles, small curiles in the mangrove swamps”(Para. 1).(Curiles are small mollusks related to clams found in mangrove swamps, many families are dedicated to farming them). This shows that child laborers do not have enough time for school because some of them are woken up very early every morning to go to work. This is shown again in source 1 when it says, “Hamisi already has had a career as a miner. He dropped out of his third year of primary school and left his home village of Makumira in Tanzania after his father was unable…show more content…
For example, the kids can make enough money from work each day to get one meal for their families. These children are only making enough money for one meal which isn’t enough, and they are risking their lives and giving up education to get money. Without an education this is the most money that they will ever make. They won’t have the skills to escape poverty. Child labor should be abolished because of these exact reasons. For example, kids don’t get an education, which is a very important thing to have in today's world, to be successful. Some kids work in places where the risk of injury and even death are very high. This is shown in source 1 when it says,“The health of the snake boys is very poor, as they breathe in the harmful graphite dust found in the mines and they do not have enough to eat. Hamisi often worked up to 18 hours a day with only one meal of buns and boiled or cooked cassava. Children working in the Mererani mines earn the equivalent of between 60 cents and $1.20 a day when they are given tasks to do” (Para. 2). (Snake Boys are boys that run errands for the miners in mines like the Mererani mines in Tanzania). This means that kids like the snake boys have very poor health; they will probably have it for the rest of their lives all because they started working at a very young age to earn a few extra dollars for their families. As you can

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