Swot Analysis Of E-Commerce

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Political Legal Factors Venturing into a business it is important to know the scope of legal entities in the country of the business transaction would take place. To start a business operation, a business permit should first be secured by the business owners to ensure the legality of the operations binding to the law. The following departments are necessary to complete the permits: Barangay Clearance- It’s necessary to get a barangay clearance from the designated barangay of the business’ location from the municipality or city. This clearance has a barangay fee amounting to 500php minimum with additional 300 for the barangay plate. The fees are implemented by the Local Government Code and city ordinances. DTI/SEC Registration- For selling…show more content…
In e-commerce business transaction is made through the access of internet. The process involve: orders are electronically transmit to seller, order moves through seller electronic system, system acknowledgment order, system generate information and instruction for shipment and electronic invoice sent to purchaser. The e-commerce allows convenient transaction by providing a safe and accessible environment for consumers and the other party by having an identification ID that's verifiable to the organization and likewise the consumer can view the organization's profile that they transact with. E-business tolls that are available such as applications accessible to gadgets like tracking the shipments from wireless…show more content…
A variety of web-sites are available for commercial and non-commercial transactions such as Lazada, Zalora, OLX, Metrodeal, Shopify and other Social Networking Sites. E-commerce open a lot of business opportunities in which allows a brand to be available to everyone on any race and any country; locally or internationally. It's a growing network that is not only a venue for sharing information but also for marketing and promotion. it's one of the most efficient media in advertising, each and every brand are trying to break the internet to reach the younger generation and the global

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