Bus Monitoring System

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Automated Bus Monitoring and Ticketing System using RF Transceiver and RFID S.DEEPIKA Student, Information Technology Velammal Engineering College, Surapet, Chennai - 600 066. deepu.neethu238@gmail.com P.PRASANTH Student, Information Technology Velammal Engineering College, Surapet, Chennai - 600 066. pprasanth94@gmail.com Abstract— The two major issues in today’s city are controlling traffic and the problem faced by the passengers of public transport. This paper comes out with the best solution to overcome the unawareness of the people in the bus stop about the departed and arriving buses and to the people in the nook and corner of the city about the current status of the buses using RF Transceiver, GSM and Zigbee. In addition the RFID…show more content…
INTRODUCTION The automated bus monitoring system using RF transceiver proposed is this paper is designed to track the government buses (especially MTC buses). The purpose of tracking the government bus is to create an advanced bus transport system which helps the people to know about the arrival, departure and current status of the buses to people all around the city. This reduces the traffic, the congestion in bus stops, waiting time of the commuters in the bus stop and unawareness about the arriving and departed buses. The automated bus ticketing system using RFID proposed in this paper is designed to pay the exact bus fare instantly and automatically. This system is also useful to pay the bus fare without giving away the money during the journey which resolve the problem of giving and collecting exact change. The RFID enabled smart card is used to pay the ticket fare. The purpose of making automated ticketing system is: to reduce the conflict between commuters and conductors regarding the issue of wrong tickets with improper change; to reduce the culprits; to find the culprits and to reduce the usage of papers in the form of…show more content…
In real time according to ABMS both the bus and bus stop is equipped with RF transceiver, microcontroller and display boards but additionally a GSM modem is installed in the bus stop. As explained above a RF transceiver and a display board will be installed inside the bus along with a microcontroller to control the entire system while the bus stop will be installed with a RF transceiver, a GSM module and a display board along with a microcontroller. If necessary a Zigbee can be installed in the bus stop to extend the range of the RF

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