Fleet Tracking Case Study

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Fleet tracking: a smart solution to different industries Here follows some of the industries where vehicle tracking proves useful: 1. Limousine fleet management People prefer Limousine due to its improved complacency, coziness, and customer service. With the GPS Tracking, all these features will definitely get upgraded. Here are the ways by which limousine fleet management becomes efficient with the vehicle tracking system: You will be able to validate the pick up and drop- off details Able to decrease operating costs by regular monitoring of vehicle idling and speeding Prevent unauthorised vehicle usage and side businesses Reduce expensive insurance premium Settle customer disputes quickly with the help of GPS tracking data Enhance…show more content…
Here are the ways by which a GPS vehicle tracking system becomes beneficial for public works industry: Boost work efficiency of the existing employees Avoid unnecessary vehilcle operating expenses due to idling and imperfect routing Decrease the chance for overspeeding and increase the driver safety Eject downtime and unexpected repairs Handle the emergency situations efficiently Manage customer disputes effectively 8. Towing A GPS vehicle tracking system helps you to manage towing business efficiently by providing quick dispatching service. The following are the ways by which towing industry gets rewarded via a tracking system: Assign the nearest driver to the specified location Oversee the tow lift activations and thus produce the so called “proof of service” Prevent the unauthorized vehicle usage and side business Enhance driver's behavior by careful monitoring of vehicle speed Improve navigation by using GPS maps and eliminate the address errors Provide excellent customer service by specifying the estimated time of arrival exactly to customers 9. Public…show more content…
A tracking system will help you achieve this goal. Here follows some of the ways by which a vehicle tracking system aids in the area of public safety : Cut down the response time by instantly dispatching the closest vehicle to the location Send drivers quickly to emergency locations Improve driver safety Check the sirens and lights in emergency vehicles Enhance driver safety on the roads Ensure whether the drivers have reached the assigned site Avoid unauthorized vehicle usage 10. Telecommunications With the GPS tracking sytem, you will have clear visibility over the workforce, which indeed increase the employee productivity and reduce the overall operating expenses. Here are the ways by which a tracking system helps the telecommunications sector: Inculcate responsibility in the workforce Quickly deal with emergency situations at the right time without much delay Boost driver safety by quickly handling emergency situations Better routing and scheduling Decrease downtime and enhance productivity Prevent unauthorized vehicle usage, unauthorized routing, stops, etc. Improve customer satisfaction Reduce operating expenses by constant monitoring of vehicle idling, speeding, long stops, routing

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