Urbanization In The Philippines

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As an example, the electronic jeeps or e-jeeps in work communities such as Filinvest has replaced vans and have been incorporated in the daily routine of the local workforce. Gas emissions have been reduced. Wait time and productivity loss from filling vans before departure is now a thing of the past. Implementing this on a larger scale is much difficult but can prove very cost-efficient. The government should strive to adhere to these JICA recommendations as they are very reasonable in terms of cost-efficiency and return on investments projection. 1.9 billion pesos can be saved per day once the traffic problem is addressed. Additionally, if there are construction jobs on major roads this information should be made available or accessible…show more content…
Good examples of this would the Ayala Center Hub in Cebu which now houses Fortune 500 BPO companies. McKinley Hill was also created to be a work hub and has gained the eye of numerous multinational employers. Eventually, this behavior moved to a business continuity plan of adding sites in rural areas with the same qualifications of potential employees minus the challenges in the urbanities such as traffic and weather-related congestions. Thus, the rise of urbanization in certain rural areas is the current trend. Iloilo now has major Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies on location. Davao has been added into key options for additional sites. Ilocos Norte has also started seeing the construction of high rise buildings which will house globally acknowledged brands. And these sites are moving outside the previous trend of just being a BCP site to becoming flagship sites for businesses. Cloud computing and digitization of products and processes have allowed this kind of movement which will greatly reduce the need for the population to crowd in Metro Manila. Promotion opportunities are also high for these sites wherein the general workforce is not yet equipped to handle higher…show more content…
Walking is preferred because it is safe to walk due to zero crime rate and clean and scenic walkways . Also, their taxi system is filled with luxury cars that there’s no need to own one. TripDa , if it gains popularity, will also help alleviate road congestion. TripDa is an online app which helps people carpool. Carpooling is economic and practical. If it gains a steady growth and becomes a regular aspect in the lives of employees, it will also reduce the number of private vehicles present during rush hour. Another technological advancement is the availability of electronic transport systems such as e-jeeps. Due to the low operation costs of these electronically powered transportation, drivers are paid via fixed salary rate which reduces the need for them to hog passengers along the way or follow their own arrival and departure time. This removes the behavior of delaying transport which makes most people prefer the MRT. Maintenance is also low and monitoring is also easy since they adhere to a simple schedule. It also reinforces the behavior of commuters that they need to be at a certain point at a specific time or they will miss the ride and wait for the next

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