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Lebanese Republic is a tiny rustic in the west of Asia which is nestled by Syria and Israel from three directions. It is one of the countries that belong to the Mediterranean region and has a very small population. The country is influenced majorly by the Muslim and the Christian communities. Though the country is home to a very less number of people, the food eaten here is eminently known as the Lebanese Cuisine and is famous universally today. Japan, a sheaf of thousands of island, is located in the far eastern part of Asia. People have abode the country centuries before the Christ was born. The cuisine of Japan, locally known as Washoku is into existence since the birth of the country. Discussion: The Ottoman Turks, basically the rulers from Turkey who made Lebanon (Lebanon was christened…show more content…
Being an Arabic country, the Lebanese people prefer both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The country of Lebanon was a slave of the Turks initially. They ruled over this small province for a little less than 5 centuries. During this time, a lot of new food ingredients and dishes paved its way in to the Lebanese culture. As the country was under the dominance of the Turks for a long period, the food in this country makes use of a wide variety of spices and herbs. Further, a lot of natural flavors goes into making a Lebanese dish. Spices and herbs like cumin, saffron, coriander, mint, rose petals, garlic and cinnamon are widely used in Lebanese cuisine. In addition to that, other ingredients used to prepare a Lebanese meal include meat, poultry, vegetables, grains, fruits, dry-fruits and milk products like cheese and yogurt (Dawn, Elaine & A. Selwa, 2005). Most of the people in Japan are the devotee of Gautama Buddha and hence, the food of Japan is assumed to be introduced by the ancient Buddhists. Rice is the chief food consumed here. Initially, it was not grown in Japan. The knowledge and the concept of growing and

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