Advantages And Disadvantage Of Robotics

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According to market economy, the more relevant side effect of the low efficiency of worldwide demand for energy forces a continuous rise on photovoltaic systems because of its poor competition related to the price. In optimized environments (materials, electric traditional combustibles in both economic and financial inverters, tracking systems, etc) an input of 1000W of aspects. Solar incident energy can bring 190W and it is urgent to improve the production efficiency of electricity (efficiency of 19%). 80 This low performance electricity from the sun as this energetic source is the ratio implies big earth surface consumption when it is most powerful in our planet and it is expected that the intended to install industrial photovoltaic units with sun will become the main electricity production source significant production impact (50MW-100MW). PV modules are highly…show more content…
These robots uses suction cups to attach themselves with a more or less smooth surface, which permits maneuvers in all directions. The robot was also able to move on vertical or overhanging areas. And as they are lightweight they could easily work on delicate surfaces like solar panels. But main disadvantage of this cleaning robot is vacuum – based, gear and belt system. Also there is limitation of inclination up to 45. And also it is complex to build. Gekko solar farms are self-regulating and flexible. The major disadvantage of these devices is the dimension of panels as they are miles long and cleaning is a must for them. Gekko solar farms was developed specifically for the cleaning of large free-field solar parks, which makes an efficient use of cleaning tools a must. Furthermore, even a small layer of dirt leads to large performance losses here. Also there is limitation of inclination up to 30 and have complex gear belt

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