The Importance Of Customer-Brand Management

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• Customers are the only way to earn profit, if the brand management is not successful in creating resonance, then the owner or producer of brand can never be able to earn space in the heart and head of the customers. • Customer-brand relationship is most important to built brand resonance, that’s why every brand tries to put forth effort on managing customer relationship. Loyal customers can provide competitive edge to the brand. Every branded product cannot earn resonance because only some brands are able to create association with the customers. There are several factors that can be brought under consideration to achieve resonance with its customer; which include many marketing strategy – product, price, promotion and placement. • The…show more content…
For example Nishat Linen and Khaadi lawn has created resonance in very short time. These brands have created proper brand identity and meaning not only domestically but also internationally; and are successful in establishing well-reputed branded clothes. Many brands cater the customer’s emotions according to their needs, want and desire. Top brand in Pakistan use different marketing tool to get competitive edge such as the professional and confident team of Khaadi always come up with new creative and catchy designs to capture the market. • The only way to get progress in business cycle is to make brand equity strong by building associations with customers. The objective and meaning of brand must be conveyed to the customers in appropriate way to the customers. The customer will make loyal and trustworthy relation with the brand, only if the brand really takes care of customer’s expectation. We as customers possess feelings and judgment regarding our experiences and journey with brands; same as the brands can better predict about their progress by knowing customer’s…show more content…
For instant Q-mobile advertisement is mostly prompt to get resonance. Tepal tea advertisement mesmerizes our thoughts, same as 7up and coco-cola catchy jingle and music create its own awareness. Lays chips has created a very friendly relationship with the customers by letting them to share their taste &flavor opinion. Few brands create loyalty with customers in term of reasonable pricing strategy and standard quality. Such as Maria B deal internationally on the basis of good quality and it provides precious customer values, which not only grab the attention of customer s domestically but also internationally. • Those brands that focus on customer’s feedback can might be progressive in later time, because when brands keep looking customer’s responses and experiences with brand-they might be able to improve their performances in the long run. Such as many food restaurants require their customers to give their feedback on the base of their experience- while doing so customer give feedback on the basis of evaluation. This is an easier way to create resonance with customer by coming up to the expectations of

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