A Totalitarian Government In George Orwell's 1984

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In 1984 George Orwell uses political propaganda and his artistic literary talent to illustrate the exploitation of a totalitarian government. By the time Orwell came to write 1984, his ideas had darkened into a sinister vision of the future. Within this novel England has become a totalitarian society in which every aspect of the lives of its citizens is controlled by the state and even the possibility of independent thought has been destroyed. Orwell intended the book 1984 to be a warning after WWII. It is his way of describing a way of life and a society that he thought may happen in the future but that he would never want to live or to see. The image he creates of this dystopian society appears to be very similar to a realistic description of Germany or of the Soviet Union at the time. Both of these places had had a lot of feature and power in the world at that time so it was not uncommon for people to know of the conditions, government and freedoms there. It is thought that Orwell was trying to warn people that one day we might end up as restricted as…show more content…
His syntax and diction do change when it comes to the characterization of Winston. The novel is partially written in a narration style that seems unbiased. The setting and other character seem quite normal and descriptive language is used to paint a fairly good picture of the world but when Winston is being described or Winston's point of view is being used as narration the writing style shifts. When Winston's point of view is assumed the world seem gloomy, hopeless, full of despair. The word choice of Orwell also changes from descriptive language to more philosophical and contemplative sort of language. Also by developing a character like Julia, Orwell shows us the type of character who would rebel against the society in Oceania, pointing out its flaws and illustrating the type of person who actively and consciously chooses to not fit

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