Brainstorming Strategy In English Language

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1. Introduction Students in Saudi Arabia, like other students for whom English is a second or third language (ESL), have a keen understanding of how languages work. However, they have different skills and needs than native speakers of English. Because they have to deal with competing cultural expectations and competing languages, (ESL) students can have special difficulties seeing problems with their writing and solving them. Brainstorming can help to put a new writing task in motion or revive a project that has not reached completion. Think of your brain as being an onion, and every idea is a layer of that onion. When you write down one idea, it peels off a layer and exposes the one underneath. Then you can peel off…show more content…
What are the main techniques of brainstorming strategy? What are the roles of both the teacher and student in developing writing skills? Are the students given a composition on a regular basis? Are the subjects well chosen? Is the teacher correcting the first draft so that the student can write a second draft with the benefit of his teacher’s observations so as to improve his writing skill? 1.4 Definition of Terms Brainstorming: Al-Maghrawy, (2012) defines Brainstorming as a “group creativity forum for general ideas” (p.361). According to Zeiton (2001), brainstorming was developed by Alex Osborn to create ideas without inhibition. Brainstorming technique engages oral and pre-writing exercises for helping the learner and for articulating ideas by the teacher. It is a technique that is used under the discussion…show more content…
In this chapter, I will review the previous research findings in the two areas, laying the theoretical foundation for this study. The first portion of this review will focus on brainstorming and the second portion will focus on writhing skills. Rodriques (1983) asserts that prewriting activities, including group brainstorming, are the most important part of the writing process. To solve the problem of the participant’s lack of time to consider the ideas that were previously generated as a brainstorming greatest weakness, Rodrigues promotes brain writing. As practiced in the classroom, small groups of students write their ideas on individual sheets of paper and pass the sheets around the group, with each student reading the previous ideas logged on the sheet and adding more ideas. Rao (2007) found that students who had been trained in brainstorming techniques and used them regularly over a twelve month period produced measurably higher results in writing tasks. In addition to this, an attitudinal survey showed that students who participated in this research project felt positive about the effectiveness of the brainstorming

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