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After carefully watching the documentary “Prince among Slaves”, I would have to say that I found it very heartbreaking and sad. At times during the documentary, I would have to say I was even angry. The documentary was indeed part of US History but it was not a good part of history for African-Americans. It’s hard to believe that Africans were treated so poorly, all in the name of profits. I can still understand why some African-Americans are still angry about slavery. The first question I had was, “How could this happen in Africa?” a prince sold into slavery by one of his own. Second question, “Why did it take so long for him to be returned home?”, and lastly “Why wasn’t his children able to go home with him and his wife? But, it was all part of history and there is no denial that it happened. The year was 1829, Prince Abdul Rahman along with 170 of his soldiers were captured by a rival tribe of African soldiers. After the tribe realized they had captured the prince decided it would be best if they did not return him to his father but rather sell them into slavery. So, they were sold to slave traders for little or nothing. That begun their 3,000 mile ship voyage to the United States to be sold into slavery. They were stacked like wood…show more content…
Foster was that he was the prince of a king in Africa and that his father would pay for his safe return to Africa. Mr. Foster then nicknamed him “Prince”. His hair was cut short and he was beaten regularly. Prince Rahman refused to clear the fields and soon ran away. After being on the run for several weeks, he decided to return on his own. Mr. Foster did not punish Prince because he returned on his own. Prince decided that he would probably never be return so he began to settle in his new role as a slave on a cotton farm in Mississippi. Because of his knowledge of cotton from home, Prince was put in charge of other slaves to grow and harvest cotton for the Foster

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