The Importance Of Mind Mapping In English

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Chapter 1 1.1. Introduction Vocabulary assumes an essential part in English language acquisition. Individuals have endeavored to take in second language from at least the time of the Romans, and maybe anytime recently. In this time of more than two thousand years, there have been various distinctive ways to deal with language learning, even with an alternate point of view on vocabulary. At times, vocabulary has been given pride of place in teaching methodologies, and at alternate times ignored. During the time spent vocabulary learning, it is fundamental not just to know the meaning of a specific word, but all the parts of the word. What does “to know a word” mean? Taylor had recorded the seven degrees of knowing a word placed by Richards:…show more content…
According to Buzan, a psychologist and brain scientist (2002) mind mapping is a note-taking, hierarchical method, which permits people to “organize facts and thoughts” in a map format consisting a “central image, main themes radiating from the central image, branches with key images and key words, plus branches forming a connected nodal structure” (Buzan, 1993 cited in Ozgul Keles, 2012). Moreover, the mind map helps understudies to assimilate new data, to think and to expand their conceptual schema. Mind mapping is a technique which enhances creativity and promotes individuals’ learning (Mento, maretinelli & Jones, 1999 cited in Ozgul Keles, 2012). During teaching and learning, a mind map helps educators to clarify why they are concentrating on a specific part of a subject. From the mind maps that students make, teachers may learn whether their students understand the topic and whether the student is able to organize and construct a suitable structure for that knowledge (Zhao, 2003 cited in Ozgul Keles, 2012). The human brain comprises of two primary parts: the right and left lobes. Every lobe has its own particular task regarding the actions it performs. Mind mapping puts together the left brain (math, logic, words, exploring, linearity) and right brain (imagination, harmony, images, music, color, creativity, curves) which increases the mind power. In order for the individuals to learn the information, the activities given in schools concentrate mainly on left brain activities and the students who have more prominent right brain ability are determined as unsuccessful.(Yasar, 2006, as cited in Ayşegül ŞEYİHOĞLU, Ayça KARTAL, 2010). Mind map, as well as exhorting the unlimited ongoing stream of thoughts, enables the brain to be alert by making the brain utilize its skills (Buzan, 1996, as cited in Ayşegül ŞEYİHOĞLU, Ayça KARTAL, 2010). Note-taking that is depicted as an exhausting activity by the understudies can

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