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Do you agree that block days are the most awful and dreadful days that have ever existed? They are slow, tiring, headache inducing, and stressful. They make students less interested and more distracted in school, producing stress and tiredness. Block days are an unneeded element to this Earth and should be forgotten. Classes on block days are approximately 100 minutes long-as opposed to a normal school day class that is only 50 minutes long. That is doubling the workload in a class period. When listening to a teacher rant for 100 minutes straight, students become exhausted and numb to the teacher’s words. Gracie Cobb addresses the exhausting block day saying, “Because each class is 100 minutes long, by the time my first class is finished, I am exhausted and will not be able to focus properly in the following period.” On a normal school day students listen to a teacher speak for 50 minutes, and then they get to go to six other classes--having a change of speaker and venue. On a block…show more content…
Students only have 3 classes on Tuesday and 3 classes on Wednesday. This means that the subjects taught on Tuesday will not be taught on Wednesday. By the Thursday, students can forget what was taught on Tuesday. Regarding material memory loss, Brown University states, “Students forget content when related subjects are not taken sequentially.” In a subject like math, which can be hard to grasp at times, skipping a day can make students forget it easier. While many people think that block schedule helps student’s grades, it can sometimes make the student’s grades drop. Jeff Lindsay from says that skipping a day of learning a class can potentially make our grades suffer, “The gaps in learning a particular topic may translate into poor retention and the need for more remedial review.” Block schedule can make students forget material more often when not taught every single day of the

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