Segway Ap Case Study

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Q1 After Segway PT launched on 2001, the “Technological Marvel” failed to create the revolution and to be the new way for people in their own movements and the new generation of transportation and it ended up in police departments, tour groups, warehouse workers, mall security guards and airport maintenance staff. The expectations were that Segway PT would change the way cities been built with, to reach 1 billion dollars of sales faster than any another company and buy more than 500,000 units per a year. All of that was just words on papers. The real revolution of Segway PT was just on TVs and Advertisements, in fact, after 21 months, only 6,000 units had sold and according to Forbes, Segway sold just 30,000 units in first six years, the consumers weren’t attracted too much to it. Segway PT tested for a long time and cost over 100 million dollars in research and development, but the team behind it focused on technologies issues and forgot to ask themselves many questions about social usage and what are the environment needs. The people with Segway PT was told by police to get in the street on residential blocks and to get on sidewalks on another block, in some blocks police denied using Segway PT at all. Segway PT was small but heavy in weight, it was not easy to carry it upstairs or find the right place to park it in. “The…show more content…
The market wants to know and explore the product so they should did something like giving more opportunity to market to try the product and test it if it meet their needs, providing offers that would attract customers to the product, arranging events to share the product’s facilities with the market and satisfying their worries and wonders about it and giving more effort to advertising through several ways like; TV advertisements, online, street announcement and by sending mobile

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