Lifelong Learning Skills

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Mrs. Hina Aman Hamad Khalid 200007979 Psychological Principles and Lifelong Learning Skills -Summer 2014- sec. 01 Assignment One There are a variety of developed and effective learning methods present in today’s educational environment. The range varies from visual and aural to kinesthetic learning- of which will be elaborated and discussed further on. The spectrum of learning methods is a broad one and its constituents are exalted and exercised through the concept of “blended learning”. Blending learning is the integration of virtual and in-person learning platforms. This concept of multiple learning environments provides the learner with a varying and diverse range of content…show more content…
This method involves the motor cortex as well as the cerebellum located at the back of the frontal lobe which are in charge of our physical movements. This method, mirroring the kinesthetic method allows the learner to acquire hands-on experience and learn via practical challenges. It also exposes the student to a faster practice and easily available evidence in the sense that the student can quickly practice what he/she has learnt and then observe the evidence of learnt information. The learning platform however does carry with it the disadvantage of discomfort, as the student must sit in one place for long periods of time. Online classes encompass mainly a form of visual and solitary learning. In order to be fully engaged in an online learning process, a learner must prefer these two forms of learning. For learners who benefit more from auditory or social forms of learning, online classes may not be as stimulating, and this would decrease the level of engagement a learner…show more content…
It is a pedagogical method that involves modern computing and networking with a social user interactive base. Students who favor this method of teaching and learning are said to be more engaged in the learning experience, potentially due to the strong social element involved. To illustrate, consider a learner partaking in an online interactive class. They are encouraged to incorporate both their social and academic sides into their learning. It can accurately stated that the learner’s level of engagement would be increased in the online classroom if social elements are involved as their propensity to contribute and partake is more. Interactive learners are then more able to retain learnt information from an online lesson and in return are able to apply newly acquired abilities and knowledge to an array of

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