Essay On Online Classes

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Many more people would enjoy school if it was convenient to their time. A great solution to this problem is online classes. Some wonder if online classes are just as educational as traditional classes, and if the discussions are as easy to understand things without the face to face interaction with the instructor. In this paper I will be discussing how online classes can be just as educational and are more convenient to those who have busy schedules. The points of comparison are assignments, testing and materials, convenience and interaction/discussions. First, the assignments for both classes both require resource materials like text books. For traditional class students the assignments are “homework”, but online students do all of their…show more content…
Traditional classes offer a more face to face social interaction and allow you to meet fellow students easier than those who are taking online classes. The discussion for online classes are based on comments and emails sent between each other. Those in online classes are barely able to talk to professors due to slow feedback and they are not able to communicate easily with classmate unless you reach out through chat rooms or emails. This is difficult because you are unaware of others schedules and it is harder to reach out because they may be busy at the times you are not, but if you are able to communicate with others if offers a variety of classmates from different locations and backgrounds. An advantage of online classes is you are able to learn from professors around the world which allows you to broaden your perspective and learn from different viewpoints. Overall, the only major difference between online and traditional classes is the interaction. You get more interaction between your teacher and classmates when you are in traditional classes, compared to online classes. Online classes can be harder depending on what kind of learner you are due to the lack of face to face interaction between you and your professor. Online classes are more convenient to your time and they are just as educational. Both kinds of classes have tests and assignments just in a different learning
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