Importance Of Learning Administration In The Philippines

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CHAPTER NO.1 Introduction: Education plays a vital role in the development of an individual and also in the development of society. It is predictable for the national progress and prosperity. Islam gives more importance to knowledge. As the words of holy Quran in Sura “Zumar” it has been said:- “Can the learned and illiterate be of the same status?” “Do those who do not know equal those who know”. (39.9) In other words education is a long life process, it is imperative for every human being to seek knowledge from “Cradle to Grave” Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) described about acquirement of knowledge:- “The acquisition of knowledge is a duty incumbent on every Muslim male and female”. “He who leaves home in search of knowledge, walked in the path of Allah” “A father can grant on his children nothing more valuable than the gift of education, it is better that a man should secure good education for his children that he should have a treasure of gold and silver for them”. In Pakistan all duty of enhancing the literacy rate is only of the formal education. So there is need to improve our formal education programs, And to make it very easy and accessible. To…show more content…
The learning administration framework oversees all authoritative component of the instructive system and make accessible vital administrations to host and pass on the preparation content. A Learning Management System basically oversees and underpins authoritative elements of learning on the web. LMS performs administrative assignments. So, a LMS can be characterized as a helpful key answer for dealing with all the distinctive parts of an association. The framework spreads arranging, overseeing and conveying all the e-learning substance and online exercises. Online courses and virtual classrooms are additionally a trademark highlight of Learning Management

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