Disadvantages Of Blended Learning

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“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The reason is the active developing and integrating of the new technologies in daily life including studying. People have different points of view on the question if this is a successful way for developing and making more effective study process or not. Some think that the most efficient method is “classic” method – participating in the classes and reading the books. Others display that using possibilities of technology and integrating studying with the Internet and electronic devices is more profitable for a wide range of people.…show more content…
Although, students are more engaged in studying process and learn better by reason of less discipline issues that could make studying atmosphere boring. At the same time, teachers have more free time for spending with students. Moreover, they are aware of the all details about each student and as a result, it creates possibility to separate the students to the groups by their weaknesses. One more positive side of the blended-learning environments is declining main cost driven…show more content…
He discusses only about education in the USA and it makes sense. Due to the formation of the different nations with all the aspects such as the cultural environment, life conditions and geographical position, the education system also developed in different ways and in some countries it is very different from others. If these education systems effective or not could be shown by the history of science and discovery. For instance, the end of 19th and whole 20th centuries were the period of time which has invaluable influence on the life that people live nowadays because of the inventions made by great people such as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Marie Curie and this list is very long. All of them done their jobs without such education system in various countries and it is proof that not all the old schools are

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