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Why Go to Class? I had just graduated from basic combat training in the summer of 2012 from Fort Benning, Georgia. I knew classes started the following day, however I could not have been less prepared for them. After being told how to live my life for three long, stressful months, I was about to learn the value of going to class the hard way. Shortly after classes began, I was afraid to be on my own, I chose freedom over going to class, and I eventually dropped out of school entirely; I had no idea I would be in the same classes three short years later. During basic training, I always had someone with me, a “battle buddy” as they called it. Once I arrived at the University of Southern Mississippi, I was completely on my own. Therefore, if there was a service being offered, such as free tutoring, I simply chose not to go, even if I truly wanted or needed to go. I had a seemingly overwhelming fear of strangers. Being on my own caused many problems for me during my time at Southern Miss. Aside from my standard schedule, there were not many places I visited other than the cafeteria and my dorm room. If only I had a “battle buddy” with me, how much different would things have been?…show more content…
The simple fact that I could stay in my dorm room and play video games was all too appealing to me. I knew going to class was one of the most important keys to success at a university; however most of my days at Southern Miss were spent in my dorm room with an Xbox controller in my hand. I did not the any reason why I should have left my comfort zone and surround myself with strangers when I can stay alone and not be bothered by anyone. However fun and entertaining this may have been, it did not take very long for me to realize how large of a mistake I had

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