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A leader is a person that sets direction, builds and inspires vision to create something new. Leadership is about taking charge of where you need to go to be successful as a team or organization. Being a leader involves more than just giving orders, it involves taking responsibility for yourself and the actions of others. While serving in the military I came across different Captains with different types of leadership styles. Some were really great, and others I really didn’t care for. If I didn’t really care too much for a Commander, it was probably because I didn’t think of them as a good leader. If I think of you as a crappy person, than your never going to be the leader I see myself following into combat. Some people are born leaders, and others have to work hard at it. I believe everyone has the ability to become a commander, if giving a…show more content…
Camp Casey is the most northern US Army occupied camp in South Korea. While being stationed at Camp Casey I had the pleasure of serving with a great company commander, Captain White. Captain White was a natural born leader; it was like this guy was the poster child for leadership. Before I even got to the company, all I could hear about was how great of a commander this guy was, and how he ran one of the best firing battalions on Camp Casey. I soon got the chance to find out for myself how great of a leader this guy really was. My first impression was, well he’s not that much to look at. He was tall, skinny, an over talkative guy with bad skin. After my first training exercise with Captain White, I had to admit he was impressive. Captain White was a stand up guy, reports were done on time, movement was planned out to the tee, and he personally brought and served chow to the Soldiers. This guy went above and beyond the call of duty. He wasn’t just another dictator passing the buck, and barking orders. He took charge of every situation and followed them out to the very

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